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Yesterday I wrote about starting my new habits and after one day everything is going well. I know I can do one day of the new schedule at least.  Today I go for another day.  The hardest thing about day one was getting used to the intermittent fasting schedule. Typically with IF you want to go about sixteen hours between meals so Sunday night I had my last food at around 7 pm and then did not eat again until Monday morning after 11 am. I found that as long as I drank a fair amount of water I could ignore my stomach growling so the actual physical symptoms of not eating for that long were not that bad. What was difficult was the mindset to not eat something in the morning. I’m used to eating something in the first couple hours of waking up. In order to get past those thoughts, I had to keep myself mentally busy with writing, work, and house chores. Once I got to the 11 am time of being able to eat I was not “starving”, I had a sandwich and did some more work. The next challenge was eating the rest of the day and I got through that by snacking on Brazil nuts, Walnuts and a stick of cheese. Overall I think eating went very well I just need to be mindful of what I’m doing, and I’m sure I’ll have a few more challenges along the way.

Today, I started with my Athletic Greens drink, weighed myself in at 275lbs, got a short workout in, got the family out the door for work and school and now I am ready to take on day two of this new routine.

Check back tomorrow.