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I missed a day.

Yesterday I started the day and immediately got out of the good flow I had been working on the previous few days and I never recovered. I tried working out but was on a time crunch and it never really developed to anything worthwhile.  However, I did get out there and did a tiny bit.  Not great but better than nothing.

last year around this time I started doing cardio on the rowing machine where I was working and I got to a point where I kind of enjoyed it and felt some competitiveness starting to come out. However, once Spring came, my work schedule changed and I was not able to get myself going again.  Long story short, I’ve been wanting to get a rowing machine for my home since then and yesterday I finally pulled the trigger after finding a used one on craigslist. So, yesterday I drove about 20 miles away and brought home a used Concept 2 Rowing Model D machine. Set it up in my garage, cleaned it and did some simple maintenance on it so I could start using it. This morning I did 2000 meters on my rowing machine and I’m looking forward to making rowing a welcome part of my daily habit.

Now for the rest of today…time to make up lost time from work yesterday due to being distracted by my rowing machine purchase. Then it’s off to a little “festival” put on by the school where my son goes and wife teaches at (I used to teach there as well).

I might take the weekend off from writing but I should be back at this on Monday.