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The Challenge is Real

The Challenge is Real

Yesterday I wrote about starting my new habits and after one day everything is going well. I know I can do one day of the new schedule at least.  Today I go for another day.  The hardest thing about day one was getting used to the intermittent fasting schedule. Typically with IF you want to go about sixteen hours between meals so Sunday night I had my last food at around 7 pm and then did not eat again until Monday morning after 11 am. I found that as long as I drank a fair amount of water I could ignore my stomach growling so the actual physical symptoms of not eating for that long were not that bad. What was difficult was the mindset to not eat something in the morning. I’m used to eating something in the first couple hours of waking up. In order to get past those thoughts, I had to keep myself mentally busy with writing, work, and house chores. Once I got to the 11 am time of being able to eat I was not “starving”, I had a sandwich and did some more work. The next challenge was eating the rest of the day and I got through that by snacking on Brazil nuts, Walnuts and a stick of cheese. Overall I think eating went very well I just need to be mindful of what I’m doing, and I’m sure I’ll have a few more challenges along the way.

Today, I started with my Athletic Greens drink, weighed myself in at 275lbs, got a short workout in, got the family out the door for work and school and now I am ready to take on day two of this new routine.

Check back tomorrow.


Starting new

Starting new

Time to start some new habits and I’m going all-in…again.

Starting today I’m attempting to start these new habits:

  • Not go on my computer until after I have worked out
  • Intermittent fasting until 11am/12pm every day
  • Work on personal projects for a short amount of time before work.
    • Writing
    • Skill development
    • Video creation
  • Minimize social media on a daily basis.
    • Less Facebook
  • Eat last meal/snack of the day by 7 pm at the latest
  • Get a 2nd short workout in after dinner

I’ve realized over the past year that I have been very inefficient with my time. I would routinely spend a good 1-2 hours every morning surfing the net and looking through some of my social media accounts. I would do that prior to doing anything else which snowballed into not having the energy or desire to do much else. There is so much more I should be doing with my life and being an effective worker whether that is just in my personal life or as a member of the workforce. Time to take a stand and change.

During that time for the past year, I’ve let things go personally. I’ve gained weight, neglected responsibilities with my family…I have not been the husband and father I want to be. I can and should do more. My weight has gone up to about 275 pounds, I have not weighed that much in a number of years, I just let it creep up thinking I could drop it with no problem. I can, but it may take me longer than I would like. The goal is to get down to 240-250 pounds. Along with that, I need to adjust my eating habits and patterns to take in more nutritious food. This includes having Athletic Greens every morning, taking liquid fish oil every day, drink more water, cut back/out on soft drinks, less ice cream at night, leaner cuts of meat and better snacks during the day.

This is what I hope my daily routine will look like:

  • 5-6 am wake up
  • 5:30-6am: Take the dog out/in
  • 6 am: Have morning amino drink
  • 6-6:30 am: Meditate
  • 6:30-7am: Get my son’s breakfast and lunch ready
  • 7am-7:30 am: Short workout in the garage
  • 7:45am-8:15 am: Take son to school
  • 8:15-8:30 am: Return home and shower
  • 8:30 am – 8:45 am: Check the news on the computer
  • 8:45 am – 9:15am: Write
  • 9:15-11am: Work
  • 11am-12pm: Eat for the first time between 11 am and 12 pm
  • 12-1pm: Work
  • 1-2pm: Skill development?
  • 2-3:30pm: Work
  • 3:30-5pm: Spend time with wife/son
  • 5pm-6pm: Dinner
  • 6:30-7:30 pm: Small workout number 2
  • 7:30-8pm: Help get son ready for bed
  • 8 pm: Shower
  • 8:30pm – 10pm: TV/Relax
  • 10pm -11pm :Lights out/sleep

I just went over my writing time, time to get to work. Until next time…