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This past Friday I will admit that I did not win ANY awards for dietary achievements. I just started off in a bad place and got completely off my intermittent fasting routine. First, I decided to finish my son’s breakfast because I did not want the food to go to waste.  That led to eating a big lunch because I knew my afternoon evening would be a bit chaotic trying not to be a helicopter parent while my son was having fun at his school’s fall festival. Then we decided to go to the football game that followed where they serve really good tri-tip chili. That would not have been so bad except that I washed it down with soda and about an hour later I decided I was hungry again (I could have easily gone without more food) and got myself a grilled tri-tip sandwich and another soda.

Saturday the quantity of food was not as bad but I did not do intermittent fasting. I did get on my rowing machine for a good 25 minutes or so which I felt really good about. Most of the day was spent recovering from the night before.  My son and I ate a small BBQ lunch at the local BBQ chain. As a family, we had a nice movie afternoon and ordered pizza. Yep, another winning dietary day.

Sunday was not spectacular either except we did go to the beach in the morning and got in the surf which was a good bonding time for me and my son so regardless of what else happened it was a very good day. Prior to the beach, I was able to get on the rowing machine for a real quick workout, so another win. I won’t mention the food part for the day.

This morning, I got my rowing in with another 5000 meters and I bettered my time from Saturday by almost a minute, WIN. I am not fasting again today but that is ok. Looking forward to a productive day.

I should mention that while overall my food intake over the past few days was not great, I did manage to get my Athletic Greens and fish oil in on each day so some “sort-of” wins for the weekend. Now I’m ready for a productive Monday and rest of the week.

Have an awesome day and week everyone!