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Consistency has always been an issue with me in many aspects of my life. Whether it be working out, chores around the house, or even interacting with family and friends. I struggle to maintain habits in the early stages of habit development. However, once I develop a strong meaningful habit I am pretty good at keeping it up.

Once I have a good habit I’m pretty good at keeping it but for me its something that takes time to grow into a lasting one. There have been times when I’ve started some good habits and maintained them for a couple months but all of a sudden “life” gets in the way for a short amount of time and I struggle to make that habit a regular part of daily life again. It’s an ongoing process of development for me.

So, what do I do when I break a good habit? Do I just forget it an move on? No! I keep trying to get it back. I try not to punish myself and I start over. It’s not the end of the world and it may take time to develop it again and with effort and being mindful of what my goals are, I will get it back.

I was a doing a good job of writing and working out and “life” got in the way last week for a couple of days. I got back to my workouts but my writing went on hiatus until now.  This is me getting back at it. The easy thing to do would be to let “life” win. It’s going to be a long war and there will be many battles won and lost but today I choose to win the battle.